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If I had a brother, he'd look like Trayvon



Hello everyone,


Today I am angry. I am angry because a young black child was killed just because he was black like me. 


If you don't know it yet, I want to talk about the Red Hoodie Foundation that was founded in march 2012, in response to the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, which took place on February 26, 2012. He was killed just because he was black and that is REALLY, REALLY NOT FAIR. The killer (George Zimmerman) is saying that he killed Trayvon just because he was wearing a hoodie, and that he was looking suspicious. The killer was even lying and saying that he is the police!!! It's totally unfair because at the time he was visiting his father and going out to buy sweets and a drink! He was a child! It is so sad. The little boy was not even armed and still the killer has not been arrested yet, since the police still say that they have no proof that the boy didn't attack the killer first, even thought there were several 911 calls from the neighbors, Trayvon's friends and even one from the killer who was lying and saying that the boy had attacked him and saying racists things about black people and then the police told him to stop following the boy. In almost all of those calls -that you can search on youtube- Trayvon was yelling for help but the neighbors were too scared to go outside. It's so sad.





I'm sorry for the white people who are looking at this post and are not racist, but if you don't want black people to think that you are racist you should also take part in activities to support the black community and also Asians, because they are also victim of racism. Racism is spreading also in Europe and recently there was a crime in France too where a man killed Arab soldiers and Jewish children at their school.


Trayvon Martin would look just like my old brother if I had one. I would miss him so much. His family and friends are sad now and we all need to help them by putting the killer (George Zimmerman) in jail. Even President Obama want that too.


Racism is not only about white people being mean to people different from them. I have also been a victim of racism in my school in Japan because I am the only black, when my classmates called me names. One little girl even said that I am black like dirt. When I tried to defend myself they said I had a temper. That kind of thing still happens to many children around the world. Like my friend who lives in Finland and she's bullied because she's half white and black and her mother is the white one and the girls at her school say that she doesn't look like her mother at all and things like that even thought they have classes to stop bullying. She said that the classes give them even more ideas to bully her.


Racism is about being mean to people just because there are different from you and I believe it's not just about the color of the skin. Racism is a crime that should never happen and yet it happens everyday.


As Martin Luther King said ”Let freedom ring”.


Purple love,







Please help this little boy get justice and rest in peace.

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