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  • Singing and Playing for Change

    18 August 2014 ( #I love them, #Check that, #Peace in the world, #Society, #must, #motivation )

    Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul. Hello guys, I just wanted to share with you this great charity, which gives a plateform to people around the world to open up, to listen and to help each others...

  • Muslim Fashion Market

    03 April 2016 ( #women rigths, #France, #Japan, #Check that, #censorship, #Africa, #Essay, #england, #United Kingdom )

    Hi guys, Having a passion for Japan (the country I spent most of my life), I have been particularly please to see that Uniqlo, the most popular Japanese Fashion Brand has just launch a collection dedicated to Muslim women willing to both follow fashion...

  • jôy 🕊

    22 November 2018 ( #Art, #Museum, #Japan )

    Hey guys, Recently, I went to the Centre Pompidou here in Paris to attend the highly anticipated Tadao Ando exhibition. If you don't know him, Tadao Ando is a self-taught Japanese architect. When I was 8 years old and living in Bhutan, I watched a documentary...

  • Girl Generation

    26 February 2011 ( #Japan, #art, #japanese, #Check that, #I love them, #motivation )

    Hi everyone, Today I am writing about another girl group that i like a lot that is called Girl Generation. Girl Generation is a nine-member South Korean girl group that started in 2007. The nine members are: Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon,...

  • Project Iridescent

    01 November 2016 ( #Japan, #Society, #school, #women rigths, #motivation )

    ˌ ɪ r ɪ ˈ d ɛ s ( ə ) n t / Portfolio https://projectiridescent.wordpress.com/ “Project iridescent hopes to create a ripple that will inspire people to realize gender inequality and take action.” Project Iridescent is an organization of 9 girls from 9...

  • Basquiat, une vie

    29 February 2016 ( #I love them, #France, #United States, #Society, #Check that, #politics, #art )

    The black person is the protagonist in most of my paintings. I realized that I didn’t see many paintings with black people in them [...] I was a really lousy artist as a kid. Too abstract expressionist, or I’d draw a ram’s head, really messy. I’d never...

  • Japanese street food experience

    28 February 2016 ( #food, #Japan, #tokyo, #Society, #Check that )

    Hi guys, I believe now living in Karuizawa what I miss the most is been able to go out and eat at any given time in day and night. I was living in Mitaka prior to Karuizawa so I was used to go out to eat with my mom frequently. We loved going out in Kichijoji...

  • Christian Louboutin

    01 May 2012 ( #I love them, #Check that, #France, #art )

    Hi guys, Today I want to talk to you about a shoe designer that I really like, Christian Louboutin. He was born in Paris and grew up in Paris's 12 th arrondissement. He has three sisters and he is half French and half Cameroonian. His inspirations come...

  • African women are role models

    27 June 2018 ( #Society, #Africa )

    While the place of women in political, economic and social life is still subject to debate around the world, Ivory Coast seems to increase efforts, thanks to the involvement of the country's first lady, Dominique New Ouattara. It wants women to be recognized...

  • Jonah Tali Lumu

    18 November 2015 ( #sport, #Check that )

    Hi guys, This post is to honor the life of Jonah Lumo who just died at 40. I guess you all know how much I love rugby. I started watching rugby games with my mum as she used to say that rugby-men are just real men. In the beginning I found it too violent...

  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie et les femmes africaines

    24 February 2016 ( #Africa, #politics, #women rigths )

    L’Afrique est en marche, elle est positive. En créant une plateforme numérique, interactive et collaborative, dédiée au tourisme et à la culture sur le continent africain, Diane Audrey Ngako a voulu lutter contre les clichés qui metten... Portrait Le...

  • Christophe Michalak: Passions Gourmandes

    27 April 2011 ( #France, #food, #motivation, #I love them, #Check that )

    Bonjour, Je vais vous parler de Christophe Michalak. C'est un pâtissier français très doué. Il est champion du monde de pâtisserie, il aime aussi beaucoup le Japon et a même un blog: http://www.amabilia.com/blogs/passionsgourmandes/ • Il suffit de regarder...

  • Spring in Japan, a cherry blossom lover

    05 May 2011 ( #Japan, #tokyo, #Check that, #Society )

    Hi again, Today I will also talk about spring in Japan. Spring in Japan is really beautiful because of all the flowers, trees and cherry blossoms. I love spring but I also like summer! It is almost Summer in Japan too. Yesterday it was 23 degrees. Really...

  • The Borrower Arriety - 借りぐらしのアリエッティ

    23 September 2010 ( #Japan, #art, #japanese, #Check that, #Society, #tokyo )

    よ or Yo which means "hi", I am slowly becoming a little Japanese. Last Sunday, I went to a theater in Shinjuku with my mom and our friend, Nicholas. Nicholas is our new friend we met at the Edo Architectural museum with his mum. He loves anime and he's...

  • The dubious cost of sexual assault in Japan

    07 November 2016 ( #Society, #Japan, #politics, #women rigths )

    In Japan, 4 out of 5 rapes go unreported. Less than half are prosecuted and even if a suspect is found guilty, many dodge prison by apologizing and paying damages. This following article is making me think about what Takamatsu / 高松 香奈 Sensei, a Gender...

  • Ugetsu monogatari - 雨月物語

    02 September 2010 ( #Japan, #japanese, #Society, #politics, #art )

    Hi everyone, I know it's been a long time since my last article. So, today I will write about one of the best movie in the whole world according to Internet: Ugetsu or Ugetsu monogatari which means “The tales of the moon and rain”. It is a Japanese black...

  • Frenchify Yourself

    02 March 2016 ( #France, #Check that, #Society, #school )

    The French Club making crêpes Salut tout le monde, Après mon "French club" aujourd'hui, j'ai voulu faire un petit post rigolo sur la France et en français. D'abord j'explique, j'ai crée un "French club" dans ma nouvelle école pour apprendre à ceux qui...

  • 諸学校 卒業 - Shogakko sotsugyou

    03 March 2011 ( #Japan, #japanese, #Society, #school, #politics )

    Hi guys, In my school we had our graduation day, Sotsugyou ( 卒業 ). It was not for all of us. I was only for year six but it was really good Every class prepared drawings to decorate the gymnasium and the teachers helped us rehearse the songs that we were...

  • Harvard women make clear: ‘The whole world is a locker room’

    06 November 2016 ( #Society, #women rigths, #politics )

    Read between the lines. The female Harvard soccer players who were the subject of a sexually explicit “scouting report” see a connection between Donald Trump and the college men who rated them. So should everyone else. “Locker room’’ talk is not an excuse,...

  • Is aid effective for Africa ?

    26 February 2016 ( #Check that, #politics, #Peace in the world )

    The typical African is a lot more likely to have an advanced degree than to be a victim of a famine elicits strong feelings in aid and development circles. Some have described him as one of the sector's leading authorities and a heavyweight economist....

  • Croissants Part 1

    01 July 2012 ( #France, #food, #Check that )

    Hi guys, Today I'm going to write about croissants because I love croissants. Croissants are my favorite pastry. The croissant is a kind of buttery bread. It is named after its crescent shape. It is sometimes called a crescent or crescent roll. I found...

  • American Girl Store in New-York

    20 December 2010 ( #United States, #must, #Check that, #I love them )

    Hi guys, I am sure you are curious to know how is an American Girl shop and what you can find there. There is all kinds of dolls and accessories dolls might need to have a wonderful life with little girls. In the American Girl shop of New York you have...

  • Paris terrorist attacks

    02 January 2016 ( #politics, #France, #Society )

    There were terrorist attacks in France in Paris and Saint-Denis on November 13, 2015. Multiple explosion and gunfights occurred simultaneously, it is the terrorist attacks in which at least 130 people were killed. Terrorists were dressed in black and...

  • The architect, Tadao Ando

    13 August 2010 ( #I love them, #art, #tokyo, #japanese, #Japan, #Society, #Check that, #motivation, #must )

    Hi guys, I like him a lot. He is the greatest and learnt by himself! I wish I can do the same one day. These buildings are crazy. I wonder how much time I need to do the same. I hope I will attend a drawing class in Japan too. These buildings seem really...

  • Monkey Majik これ、いいよ すごく

    02 March 2011 ( #I love them, #japanese, #Japan, #art, #Check that )

    こんにちは、 私の 友人、 めっちゃ良い 何度も聞いても いつもこの曲に感動されます ありがとうございました。 そして未来え これ、いいよ すごく。 今はこの歌が大好きです。聴くとすごく幸せな気分になれます。 紫色の 愛 、 テイー

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