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Migrant women and domestic abuse

Migrant women and domestic abuse

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Through working for my new project, “Project Iridescent”, I have done quite a lot of research on women, the construction of gender and domestic violence. However, something that really caught my interest was the case of migrant women dealing with domestic abuse. The statistics of migrant women dealing with domestic violence are incredibly alarming and I can see that very few people are aware or care about this problem. Migrant women are considerably vulnerable compared to others due to factors such as their low income, immigration laws, lack of social connections and the fact that they might not be completely fluent in the language of the new country the have migrated to. They are usually susceptible to get into relationships with men from the country a bit too fast and trust that they will be treated well, looking towards a better future for themselves. This often leads to them being isolated, beaten and abused. The main problem with this is that women who are illegal immigrants often hesitate to contact the police due to fear that they will be deported and love for their partner. They are therefore at high risks of domestic violence because their abusers are aware of these facts and control their freedom, their money and sometimes even their children to make the woman in the relationship feel worthless. Even in a country as developed as Japan, women coming from all over Southeast Asia are abused . This is a real problem that needs to be addressed.

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