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writer and founder of HOGO WOMEN

08/02/2010 From Overblog

Marine steak

Konnichiwa guys, Yesterday my mom cooked something called Marine Steak. She thought it was fish but it obviously...

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08/01/2010 From Overblog

Fireworks 2

こんにちは I am back and I decided to start introducing some Japanese characters, hiragana and katakana I know to you......

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08/01/2010 From Overblog

Sumida gawa hanada

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07/27/2010 From Overblog

Love and Peace

Hi guys, You might know that here if you don't have a bike you will be like an alien. So Today, after three weeks...

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07/25/2010 From Overblog

A day in Tokyo

Hello, Yesterday, I went to my Japanese class in Mitaka-shi in Tokyo. Yeah, I know I have been taking Japanese...

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07/23/2010 From Overblog

Summer in Tokyo

Hi guys, I love summer but in Japan it is so hot. The temperature in Tokyo was 40°C and some people even died....

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07/19/2010 From Overblog

Welcome to my purple world!

Hi everyone, In this blog I will write about my adventures around the world as I am traveling with my mom and my...

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