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Kate & Will: A royal fantasy



http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-izOShyaA8ig/TbH5QVSKqaI/AAAAAAAAAR0/0QWhK-OwlJM/s320/5568102791_f208041921_m.jpg  Hi guys,


So we all know that today is the British royal wedding. I know we all want to go to a royal wedding! So me and my mom watched the real royal wedding on tv. I was nice, we saw Princess Beatrice (with a really weird or funny hat), her sister and other princesses and princes from all around the world. Some princesses were dressed nicely and some with weird or let say interesting clothes. Some from Greece, India.... Tara Palmer Palkinson with really weird outfit all in blue looks like a super hero. Miriam Gonzalez's dress was not nice either.




The wedding was nice but kind quite long and kind of little bit boring. But I still can of see it like a fairy tale with the nice dresses, the queen, the princes and princesses and the carriage.







But hopefully we also watched an amazing video on youtube “the T-mobile wedding dance”. The brand took actors who look like the princesses of the royal family. Watch it as well... So funny, I wish the real wedding was a bit like that.


Purple world,



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