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writer and founder of HOGO WOMEN

on failure.

If I knew I could not fail I would try to challenge myself a lot more. I almost think I had this exact mindset growing up until about the age of 15 years old. I was extremely confident and loved to challenge myself whether it was trying to learn languages or new sports, I would always do what I thought could make me happier or more successful without an inch of doubt. However, as I grew up I encountered people who told me how complicated life was and instilled that doubt inside me. I think I would have tried more challenging courses in high school and even applied to my dream university if I knew I could not fail. I would probably be much happier. There are times when I regret not taking those risks but I also know that they were not taken because of justified doubts. I also feel like everything happens for a reason so I understand that there is no perfect life path. Failure is also subjective. To me, failure is a lot different than what it means to a lot of people. I think failure in the grand scheme of things would be to not achieve my purpose in life, which I believe is to help people. Only then do I feel completely satisfied in what I do. So despite all of the unexpected twists and turns that I have made in my lifetime I still believe as long as I continue to help people, I have not failed. 

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