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no justice no peace

no justice no peace
no justice no peace


the past few days have been full of pain and confusion. following the heinous crimes committed against african americans by the police force. although i am not african american, i experience similar forms of racism being a third generation immigrant in france. now that the news of police brutality is slowly reaching countries in asia, a lot of mar friends have come to be asking for answers, questions about how they can help, about why this happens, about why there is no justice. although it is exhausting i do my best to answer everyone with comprehension and patience but i can’t help but wonder why we are the only race that constantly needs to plead for justice and explain why our cause is a worthy one. one of my favourite musicians who is korean american has been criticised for stating that there are still good officers working to ensure safety. although i am a huge fan of him i could not agree with his statement at all. i don’t think people understand the gravity of police brutality and the mental health impacts that these crimes have on black people. imagine waking up and seeing a new black person dead and their aggressor unpunished? i truly believe that america is still very much a colonial system in terms of legislation. that is why racism still exists. it is systematic oppression which means there are literally laws put in place so that black people cannot access certain jobs, certain housing, healthy food, so that black people can be put into jail and stay in jail.. i’m not saying that cops cannot be good people but because they work in a corrupt system the moment they put their uniforms on they are officially working against black people because the system they are working for is against black people.

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