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quarantine thinking


The possibility of not being able to see my family for a while is worrying me at the moment. Being from the other side of the world, this pandemic has heavily impacted me. I recently moved out alone and despite the fact that Tokyo is my second home, the lockdown has been extremely lonely for me. Moreover, the general uncertainty about what's to come is scary. Albeit minuscule in comparison to others, one of my problems is that I love traveling and I look forward to attending various yearly academic programs or competitions but this year it seems that will be unachievable. That is making me seem like I am wasting my year. The general word “productivity” is something that I have been reflecting about as well. What productivity means to me and what it can look like during quarantine. Being an extrovert, it's been hard for me to live without real life verbal communication and I’ve been feeling quite anxious. One thing that I’m working on is taking things one step at a time and focusing on what I’m passionate about. 

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