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my utopia

Utopia is usually defined as a perfect or ideal world.  Ultimately, I believe that a perfect world does not exist. However, being an idealist, my goal is to help the world be as close to Utopia as possible. A person's interpretation of utopia will depend on the values and beliefs. In fact, many authors have used this term, originally coined by Thomas More (1516) in order to criticize fictional societies. Having contemplated this idea, I came up with my own conditions and standards to define the term “utopia”. The first one is to have a society where everyone has equal rights and opportunities. Specifically, for people to have access to basic necessities such as water, food, at home and an education. Additionally, everyone should have access to the justice system and have the same rights and opportunities.


The second condition would be a world that is not deteriorating but improving. Throughout my 18 years of life, I have seen the environment around me continuously deteriorate despite the increasing amount of organizations fighting to combat climate change. That is unacceptable. Utopia requires individuals and enterprises that are conscious of their impact and respect their environment. Additionally, it necessitates communities that support and empower each other regardless of their differences. This year, we have seen multiple movements rise up all around the world to combat social inequalities. Nevertheless, a lot of these movements are ephemeral and do not end up impacting the people who need it the most.


All of the above conditions are concepts and ideas that have been expressed in various international treaties and regulations. Nonetheless, they are being followed by a minority of world citizens. This needs to change in order for us to move towards Utopia. For people to grow and evolve together, they must have infrastructure allowing them to be healthy, happy and pursue their ambitions. I believe that these ideas are not impossible to achieve. I am a part of a generation that is becoming increasingly aware of issues like racism, sexism and mental health. We are starting to look at how we can respond to the needs of our communities because we are the future. Throughout high school, I thought a lot about what I can contribute, what are the skills that I have that I can use for the creation of this utopia. I want to continue being invested in social activism. This necessitates, being able to challenge political and social structures, which can be difficult. However, as and to impact our communities in order to contribute to inclusive societies and to provoke truly radical and global change. I have faith in our ability to impact the world and create a more inclusive, safe world for everyone. What we value may be different from what other generations value but we have grown up in a digital world, where we have access to so much information and knowledge. I believe that is the power of my generation. Hopefully, one that will lead us to achieve utopia. youth, I believe that we have to have the courage to be bold

Purple love,


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