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Fall Playlist

Fall Playlist

Hey guys,


I hope you are all doing well. The past few months have been slightly hectic as I've moved back to Paris and started my gap year. I'm working on a few personal projects as well as working and taking online classes. I feel like this gap year is an opportunity for me to not only explore but also find what I really want to do so every day is important. As always, music plays a huge role in my life. I hope you enjoy my fall playlist! 

Here is the SoundCloud link: https://soundcloud.com/tiyi-ahanda/sets/fall

Cupid - PH-1

This song has a super groovy feel to it. The lyrics are in English and Korean. It's amazing to listen to in the morning. PH-1 is a Korean hip hop and rnb artist that I'm really starting to like. Please check him out! 

Jungle - Drake (Desire Remix)

This song is a remix of another favorite of mine, Jungle by H.E.R. It definitely has a more late night feel with a little bit of a lo-fi vibe to it. I listen to this when I want to relax or study. 

Say my name - Niki

Niki is an artist from the label 88rising. She's super underrated! This song is from her first album Zephyr. Go check her out!

One of them days - Kiana Ledé

This is a song to listen to when you're having a bad day, as the title suggests. It's soft and encouraging. 

Crush - Yuna ft. Usher

I guess this is a song to listen to when you're thinking about a special someone. I love to listen to this when I'm taking a stroll, especially now that it's fall and the leaves are falling. 

Changes - H.E.R

I found this song a little bit before I graduated but it's even more relatable at this point in my life. I love H.E.R's music because you can tell that she tells a story in every single one of her songs. She's an amazing lyricist and her newest album came out very recently. Check her out!

Lost Souls - H.E.R ft. DJ Scratch

I believe this a remix of a Lauryn Hill song. This is one of the tracks on H.E.R's new album and she goes a little deeper than her usual topics, mentioning feminism, equality, and confidence.

V - Jay Park

Jay Park is one of my favorite artists. He's basically an icon in the world of Korean hip-hop after founding his own company AOMG. He can rap, sing, dance, basically there's nothing he can't do! The music video for this song is really creative and shows of beautiful women of various ethnicities. 

Post Malates - sui.luj

I accidentally discovered this while scrolling through SoundCloud and it's FIRE. It's a remix of the song Congratulations by Post Malone. He definitely added a new touch because it does not even feel like the same song anymore. It has a more chill, almost familiar/cozy feeling to it now. Sui.luj posts a lot of remixes on his SoundCloud so check him out!

April Fools (0401) - Jimin Park

Jimin Park is a super talented vocalist. She's signed to the Korean entertainment company, JYP. After not having released music for 2 years, she came back with her new EP jiminxjamie with this song as the title or lead single. This song is super empowering!


I hope you all enjoy these songs and discover a new artist through this playlist! Happy fall!

Purple Love,


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