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Tomboy Writer Yumiko Sakuma

A post shared by Yumiko Sakuma (@yumikosakuma) on Mar 8, 2017

Yumiko Sakuma is a Japanese writer who lives in New York for 20 years. She has a serial publication in VOGUE and WIRED as well as interviewing many different public figures. Her regular posts on the blog frankly talks about current issues ranging from politics to fashion. They fascinate both young and old, even though some topics could be serious enough to keep people away.


A post shared by Yumiko Sakuma (@yumikosakuma) on Sep 4, 2017


She identifies herself as a tomboy and you can check her relaxing but sophisticated style on instagram. Same as the words coming out from her mouths, we can sense freedom from judgements by others.



A post shared by Yumiko Sakuma (@yumikosakuma) on Nov 16, 2017


There’s an “ideal” figure for women. There is an expectation that women should present themselves in a beautiful and feminine way. People ask women when they are going to have a child. In her latest book “I won’t wear heels ピンヒールははかない,” she talks about women she admire and who are different from those “ideals.” She says in the book, “I’ll commit myself being single.”


A post shared by Yumiko Sakuma (@yumikosakuma) on Jan 9, 2018


People do hesitate to go out of the expected style. When she was in Japan, she felt uncomfortable and thought that she did not belong to the place. However, she found a community of people similar to her in New York and realized how diverse each individual can be. Now she stays true to herself and lives her own life with full energy. If you would like to know more about her, check her out on instagram! It should definitely nudge you to live your own life.


A post shared by Yumiko Sakuma (@yumikosakuma) on Oct 16, 2017

Guest post by Saki Ishiyama

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