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UWC ISAK JAPAN Opening Ceremony

UWC ISAK JAPAN Opening Ceremony
UWC ISAK JAPAN Opening Ceremony
UWC ISAK JAPAN Opening Ceremony
UWC ISAK JAPAN Opening Ceremony
UWC ISAK JAPAN Opening Ceremony

Hi all, 

I'm back after a very busy weekend attending and participating in my school's opening ceremony. My school is now part of the United World's College (UWC) Movement. A powerful and meaningful project started in an attempt to provide the same education to children from all over the world and unite them for a more peaceful and innovative future. The schools that are part of the UWC Movement are all forming leaders that will hopefully create positive change in the future. 

The UWC ISAK JAPAN Opening lasted two days. It was two days of visitors coming to our school and learning about who we are and what we do, as well as participating in wonderful performances and displays of diversity and love. Being part of the student team who organized the Opening Ceremony, I was very busy throughout the two days and the weeks leading up to it. First of all, I organized auditions for the performances that would be seen during the second day of the ceremony, selected a few students to perform and auditioned myself as well. I also volunteered to be a student presenter in front of the guests. My roommate Appy and I presented about ourselves, our backgrounds and what led us to UWC ISAK JAPAN. It was an incredible experience for us to present in front of such distinguished guests. We were very happy because of how engaged and happy they were during our presentation. In addition, after our second presentation, HRH Princess Raiyah bint Hussein thanked us for our wonderful presentation and actually told us that we inspired her! If you look at the picture we took with her, I'm sure you can tell that we had not yet recovered from that statement. I wanted to tell her that she was an inspiration to me and an example for all world leaders but unfortunately I didn't have time to do so. In any case, it was an experience that I will never forget.

After all of these activities, I performed Je Vole originally sang by Michel Sardou. I was a bit nervous due to some technical difficulties but I think it went very well despite that. There were also a lot of other amazing performance including Hula Dance, Thai Dance and singing in Hindi which I really enjoyed.

I am grateful to be in a school where not only am I able to experience meeting world leaders and learning about them, but I'm also able to present myself in the position of a future changemaker.

Purple love,


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