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World Scholar's Cup 2017

World Scholar's Cup 2017


Hey guys,

I recently participated in Tokyo’s Regional Round of World Scholar’s Cup. If you don’t know what World Scholar’s Cup is, it’s basically a very fun academic competition with a new theme every year and different subjects that participants need to explore. I was on a team with two of my classmates.

There are four different events that the teams need to participate in. The first one was the “Team Debate”. We were given different topics on the stop and had to debate against teams from other schools. Each of us had the chance to talk up to 4 minutes. Before the debate, we had 15 minutes to look up information, with full access to the Internet. The team debate contains three rounds and fortunately, my team won all three rounds.

The second one is the “Scholar’s Bowl”. During the scholar’s bowl, each team heads to the theater and is given a clicker. We then have to answer questions related to the theme. Unfortunately, on the day of the Tokyo Round, the clickers weren’t working so we used Google Forms to enter the answers.

The third event was the “Collaborative Writing”. In this event, we were given a list of topics that the three members could choose from and instructed to all choose a different topic to write a persuasive essay. I wrote mine on parapsychology. It was quite difficult as I didn’t know much about the topic but I think I managed to write a pretty good essay in an hour. The team members were also allowed to help each other so my team members and I discussed each topic thoroughly before writing on our own. I think that also really helped us to get a better view of our topics.

The fourth and last event was the “Scholar’s Challenge”. In this event, each individual was presented with a multiple choice quiz about the different subjects. It was basically like a test. This one was probably the hardest challenge because we were tested on a lot of information.

Additionally, because my team won all three debates and I was chosen as the top debater from my team, I was able to participate in the “Debate Showcase”. The debate showcase unites all of the top debaters of the competition into an opposition team and a proposition team to battle for the title of the number 1 debater of the competition.

Overall, the competition was very enjoyable and my team was able to get good results and qualify for the Global Round. Our team got 2nd place Top Debate Team. Individually, I was also awarded Scholars Bowl gold medal, Senior division top debater, Writing champions gold medal, Top writers 4th place and Champion scholars senior medal. I highly recommend attending World Scholar's Cup, not only did I have a lot of fun but I also made new friends and learned a lot.

Purple love,


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