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writer and founder of HOGO WOMEN

What it means to be an artist...

What it means to be an artist...

What different forms of art do you express yourself?? 

I express myself in various forms of art but mostly art that is vocal. I love singing and I’ve recently been really into spoken word. I also express myself in visual art forms such as photography and videography. I also dance and act.


Why did you pick up this or these forms of art? 

I’ve always liked music and art and I think that really paved my passion for art. I grew up with parents who also really wanted me to become intellectually curious and so I went to museums a lot and took art and piano classes. I automatically grew up loving art because I was exposed to it early on.


What is your most confident piece of art?

My most confident piece of art is a self-portrait that I drew before I graduated elementary school. I actually hate the way I draw now because all of my friends are good at drawing but I used to take drawing classes and self-portraits were what I was best at.


Personal values and how they relate to art?

I think I’m a very extreme and sensitive person and I like the way that art has no limits. It makes me feel very free. I’m someone who doesn’t like to feel restricted, I often look at rules as suggestions instead of clear guidelines.


What kind of artist would you want to be remembered as? 

I want to be remembered as an artist who helps and inspires people through my art. 


Advice to other artists?

Don’t censor yourself. Make art for yourself and not anyone else.


Purple love,



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