YYGS Beijing
YYGS Beijing

YYGS Beijing was definitely an incredible experience for me. It was my second time attending a college program but it still felt great to be with teenagers who had a great variety of interests and were all so talented. All the conversations I had will stay with me as great memories of my teenage life and the seminars were really eye-opening as well. My favorite seminars were: photography and ethics and social psychology of power. Both of these courses taught me so much more than I expected and I learn a lot about the various aspects two very different fields. Being an IB student, I can only take 6 courses in total and my favorite one is English. Being a blogger, writing is one of my favorite things to do as well as reading and analyzing texts. Going into YYGS Beijing, my main goal was learn new things. One of my main priorities while attending this program was to explore as many new topics as possible considering the small amount of classes that I take. I also liked Chinese food a lot. During the cooking challenge that we had at The Hutong, my teammate Cathy and I made Cantonese Beef. Not only was it fun to make but it was also really delicious to eat. I almost felt like a Masterchef.

It was a unique experience for me because I also learnt a lot about Chinese culture. I think that media plays a huge role in people’s opinions about huge nations such as China and the United States and I admit that I was influenced by the Japanese media. Because I live in Japan, I am constantly exposed to negative views of the Chinese society but going to YYGS changed my opinion on a lot of the traditional views that I had on China. Being with Chinese citizens and getting to know their stories and their opinions made me realize a lot and I hope my opinions did the same for them.

I never expected a 9 day program to have such a huge impact on me but it truly did. I am very glad to have been provided with this opportunity and to be able to join the global network of Yale Young Global Scholars. I am extremely grateful to have been awarded a scholarship in order to be able to attend YYGS. I think that equal access to education and opportunities is very important and I am happy that an institution such as Yale believes in that as well.

Now that YYGS is over, I will continue looking for more opportunities for growth and learning. I have a lot of passions and I hope to discover even more about myself. Some of my passions are debating, singing, model UN and writing. Furthermore, my main goal in life is to help people and I want to work in healthcare specifically physical therapy.

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