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06/21/2020 From Overblog

on failure.

If I knew I could not fail I would try to challenge myself a lot more. I almost think I had this exact mindset...

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05/30/2020 From Overblog

no justice no peace

the past few days have been full of pain and confusion. following the heinous crimes committed against african...

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04/24/2020 From Overblog

quarantine thinking

The possibility of not being able to see my family for a while is worrying me at the moment. Being from the other...

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04/29/2019 From Overblog

time for action

Sexual harassment is not new to college campuses and it seems the struggle is not over for female students all...

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03/04/2019 From Overblog

female entrepreneurship in africa

These days, countries all around the globe are noticing global advancements thanks to logical and technological...

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01/27/2019 From Overblog

tokyo trip

instagram ➭ https://www.instagram.com/tiyiayeva/ My first PROPER "vlog" ever! Spend a week in Tokyo while I catch...

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01/27/2019 From Overblog

amsterdam adventures

hey guysss, i'm back with a short video of my december trip to amsterdam!!! instagram: @tiyiayeva songs used: eric...

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12/21/2018 From Overblog

my utopia

Ariana Grande - imagine Utopia is usually defined as a perfect or ideal world. Ultimately, I believe that a perfect...

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11/22/2018 From Overblog

jôy 🕊

Hey guys, Recently, I went to the Centre Pompidou here in Paris to attend the highly anticipated Tadao Ando exhibition....

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10/10/2018 From Overblog

Fall Playlist

Hey guys, I hope you are all doing well. The past few months have been slightly hectic as I've moved back to Paris...

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