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The Purple World of Tiyi

The Purple World of Tiyi

The Purple World of Tiyi

The Purple World of Tiyi

This blog is about my adventures. I like traveling, eating, arts, dancing, music and school. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog about my life. Purple love, Tiyi

UWC ISAK JAPAN Japan, school


UWC・ISAK・JAPANは軽井沢、長野県の新しいシステムのインターナショナルスクールです。この学校では色々な国から来てる子供が通っています。約55の国から子供が軽井沢に引っ越し、この寮に来ています。 UWC・ISAK・JAPANでは世界をより良くしたいリーダーを作っています。他の学校でできないリーダーシップやデザインイノベーションのクラスがあります。UWC・ISAK・JAPANの綱領は:”一人生・自分の潜在能力を気づく・積極的な変化の触媒になる。”...

October 3 2017

UWC ISAK JAPAN Opening Ceremony Society, Japan, school

UWC ISAK JAPAN Opening Ceremony

Hi all, I'm back after a very busy weekend attending and participating in my school's opening ceremony. My school...

September 25 2017

Opening Day Ceremony Preparations! school

Opening Day Ceremony Preparations!

Hi everyone, I haven't been able to post a lot because of the fact that I am currently preparing for my school...

September 23 2017

summertime fine. Fashion, Lookbook, Art

summertime fine.

Our lookbook is to show the diversity between women and how differences can be conquered. Women turning against...

September 11 2017

Kamiyama Foundation- Multicultural Childhood Society, Japan

Kamiyama Foundation- Multicultural Childhood


September 9 2017

World Scholar's Cup 2017 Japan, school

World Scholar's Cup 2017

Hey guys, I recently participated in Tokyo’s Regional Round of World Scholar’s Cup. If you don’t know what World...

August 7 2017

What it means to be an artist... Society, art, Check that

What it means to be an artist...

What different forms of art do you express yourself?? I express myself in various forms of art but mostly art that...

July 29 2017

African American History Museum United States

African American History Museum

Hey guys, I recently visited the African American History Museum located in Washington DC and I really enjoyed...

July 12 2017

What is Project Iridescent? ✨   Society, Japan

What is Project Iridescent? ✨

a s u m m a r y of w h o w e a r e

June 26 2017

SPRING PROJECT WEEK VLOG Japan, women rigths


Hi guys, Decided to try out vlogging for the first time! FOLLOW US ON OTHER SOCIAL MEDIAS SO WE CAN CONNECT AND...

April 13 2017

Project Iridescent Spring Project Week Society, Japan, art, women rigths

Project Iridescent Spring Project Week

Hey guys, Last week, I went on a trip to Tokyo with my Project Iridescent team so I wanted to write a short post...

April 3 2017

YYGS Beijing China

YYGS Beijing

YYGS Beijing was definitely an incredible experience for me. It was my second time attending a college program...

March 17 2017

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